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Children’s Charity

Aarons Advocates is a children’s charity that focuses on helping inner city kids stay and perform better in school. The programs developed by the founder, Allen Vasquez, provide tutoring and extracurricular learning. Many inner city children are brought up in single parent households, or have both parents working. This leaves them without the much needed adult help and supervision that will ensure they make the most of their educational opportunities.Aarons Advocates believes that with a little extra help, these children will be better able to develop their academic and extracurricular potential.Being more confident in their abilities will boost their enthusiasm for learning, and give them a better shot at graduating from high school.

With children that have a passion for learning, communities will benefit in multiple ways including lower crime rates, higher incomes and stronger community spirit.Our tutors have years of experience engaging with young people in the classroom and make learning fun and interactive.  We have found that with the right teacher, even the most struggling of children can make sense of it all, and become more confident and happier in the classroom.The programs are currently being offered in Ontario and Manitoba, with the majority of participating schools in Toronto and Winnipeg.

About the Founder

Allen Vasquez is the founder and CEO of Aaron’s Advocates. Born in Ontario, Allen has worked for several years in the education sector and seen firsthand how often children can struggle academically, eventually losing hope and the desire to learn. Having witnessed the vices that these kids can get into when left unsupervised after school, he realized that with the right influence, their interest in learning could be rekindled. By introducing several afterschool tutoring and extracurricular programs, he has managed to help many achieve their goal of graduation and moving on to higher institutions of learning. The programs have been designed to engage the youthful mind and making understanding of complex materials easier.

Allen Vasquez – CEO of Aaron’s Advocates

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Our Mission

Our charitable foundation supplements the work of the public education system, by providing children with the opportunity for tutoring and extracurricular training programs. Thanks to the support of donors, we:

  • Offer afterhours tutoring in school for kids that need extra help
  • Encourage and facilitate children to participate in extracurricular activities and community initiatives
  • Provide students in need with basic academic paraphernalia
  • Assist progressive teachers with educational materials that will help improve the learning experience in the classroom
  • Award prizes and small bursaries to help encourage more children to join the programs and make achievements
  • Career counseling to help kids understand their options and make a plan for the future
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